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1-Huge MAP
Composed from 1622 tile, each tile corresponding to its appropriate village
Huge Lebanese Map

2- Dareb el Terikh
Panels describing the civilization history in Lebanon 3200 bc from the Egyptians till independence.

3-Markad Anzeh
Wadih Safi the famous singer was right when he sang, ‘Lucky is the person who has a Markad Aanzeh [goat’s shrine] in Mount Lebanon!’ At this location, we welcome you with warm hospitality, and offer you all kinds of beverages. You can also take a commemorative photo with the Emigrant’s Statue, situated next to a colorful array of national flags — the largest of which is the Lebanese flag, flying upon this highland.
Markad Anzeh - Goat farm

4-5-Marjeh and Pope Cedars
Have a wonderful BBQ picnic by the green meadows where you’ll find a playground for kids with spectacular view, near Pope Cedars (the very cedars that were on the altar when Pope Benedict XVI celebrated mass in Beirut in September 2012 & became a blessed cedar forest).
Lebanese Cedars that were planted from Pope's last visit Lebanon Marjeh Lebanese Marjeh Lebanon Marjeh Lebanese Marjeh

6- Animal Park
Dogs, Sheeps , Rabbits , chicken , Peacocks
Animal Park Animal Park Animal Park Animal Park Animal Park

Midane is the village square where we host inspiring ceremonies, ancient festivities, and colorful carnivals.

8-Queen of Heaven and Earth Church
Our village is under the blessing and care of our Mother Virgin Mary, along with the intercession of our Saints, and the prayers of priests from our on-site church called ‘Queen of Heaven & Earth’ with stone arches, through which you’ll find oak benches and an altar crafted from wood from the cedars.
Queen of Heaven and Earth Church Queen of Heaven and Earth Church Queen of Heaven and Earth Church Queen of Heaven and Earth Church

When you look down from the” MASTABE” you will see the glistening water fountain. From there, you can marvel at the spectacular views, as far as the eye can see, where distant townships appear to glitter and sparkle.

10-Sroud 3 Broud
"SROUD 3 BROUD" Lebanese summer restaurant, special food and service from the hilltop, near the marah, where at this part of the village, the free-range- chickens lay their organic eggs under the trees and around the plants. From here, be sure to upload Facebook photos of you feeding the deer or giving lettuce and bread to the ducks, geese, peacocks and other farm animals.

School under the tree , and panels describing the Phoenician civilization in Lebanon
Lebanese old school under the tree

At the Malaab, you’ll find cultural and educational toys and games made from Austrian wood. Challenge your friends to play on the biggest chess board, or on the huge snakes-and ladders game. No doubt these will evoke special memories of your childhood.
Kids Playground Kids Playground Kids Playground Kids Playground

At the Mawkaa, let us show you the direction and distance between Lebanon and other Capital cities. New York, Vienna, Paris, Rio, Dubai, Sydney, Quito Etc…

Saj Restaurant, one of the six Lebanese traditional restaurants in our village, is where, in summer and winter, you can enjoy Arguileh and play traditional games like Tawlat Ez Zaher, while partaking in delicious Jorn el Kebbeh, served with fresh local vegetables alongside hot saj bread, followed by poached eggs and a bowl of kishk. These and many other delicacies will be waiting for you!
Lebanon Traditional Restaurant Lebanese Traditional Restaurant Lebanon Traditional Resto Lebanese Traditional Resto

Maarad holds all the traditional tools used by our forefathers, neer (The Yoke), Jaroushi (Grain Grinder), oil press; Maoraj (wheat processor)… infused the sweat & tears of our tireless ancestors.

Our village shop “DIKKEN “is filled with provisions, gifts, heritage goods and Lebanese souvenirs. In fact, the shop is the only place that sells ‘Take Lebanon Home’ packs. These contain unique gifts that explain the Phoenician legend by the famous poet SAID AKEL called "RINGANA".

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